Friday, February 8, 2013


Haibun Challenge #1

Another challenge? Writing an every week haibun on a given prompt. Haibun is prose and poetry melted together and I think I will try that challenge. I hope I can keep on contributing to this haibun-challenge. OK Let’s go.

Also shared with Rebecca's Haiku My Heart at Recuerda mi corazon


After the rough and cold winter. Snow is finally melting. I can smell Spring and in wonder I will look to the sprouting trees and bushes as if I saw it for the first time.
I bow my head in front of Buddha who’s smile is seen again now the snow has melted.

finally again
I can see the smile of Buddha
the snow has gone

(c) Chèvrefeuille 2013


  1. This was a real honour! I appreciate that very much and see your touch in your haibun. I will link to here at the end of the week when I do a small summary.
    That is such a beautiful concept, the snow melting and the smile being seen again..

  2. So lovely and spiritual. Glad to see you accepted the challenge

  3. It will be a good year!

  4. wonderful .. its like mirror at work .. poetry and prose !

  5. Buddha shows his face
    groundhog's shadow absent
    good year to come

    Yet another challenge. Perfect merge between prose and haiku.. Yes this is perfect.

  6. Deep and spiritual
    Very nicely done.


  7. as if I saw it for the first time --- lovely
    i love the way you said at the melting of the snow, Buddha's bright smile is once again revealed..

  8. Spring is like a smile emerging and somehow seems connected with the happiness of the spirit in a Buddha way! Lovely!

  9. All the perfectly chosen words
    strung together like pearls ♥

  10. Snow or no snow, the Buddha smiles--you just may not see the smile!

    Drumming haiku

  11. Smile of Budhdha.. wow.. what a beautiful picture.. a beautiful haiku this.. I am happy to be here..KP.. hope you will too be happy visiting me here:

    No able to leave comments nowadays.. rest assured you and your haiku are kept close to my heart..