Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, "Magnolia"

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This spring is almost over, but I have still sweet memories to this spring. At first the cherry blossoms blooming and than the wonderful candle like Magnolia flowers starting to bloom. I don't have a Magnolia tree in my garden, but in the streets around me there are several gardens in which Magnolia trees bloom.
It's a nice sight and than the scent of the flowers in full bloom ... awesome.
One of the Dutch most famous painters is Vincent van Gogh. He lived for a while in the French town of Arles and around that city were a lot of Almond trees, Magnolia like trees, which he made immortalized in his paintings. The flowers of the Almond are almost the same as the flowers of the Magnolia.

Almond blossoms bloom
around the city of Arles
Ah! what a sight

Almond blossom, Vincent van Gogh
Well ... 'till next time.