Friday, October 12, 2012

The Hot Summer of 1998, a haibun

Somewhere in the hot Summer of 1998 it was I  thought, but it easily could be in another hot Summer. I was on a holiday with my family in Benidorm (Spain).
My wife and I were walking along the beach late on an evening. It was still warm and we were very much in love. We walked hand in hand, sometimes stood still to kiss eachother. Somewhere along the beach there was a group of palmtrees with a nice little bench. We sat down and watch to the sea and Isla de Benidorm.
It was told that once a giant had broke a piece of the mountains in the backland of Benidorm and had thrown it into the sea. I wonder ...

Isle of Benidorm

In the backlands of Benidorm I saw a mountain with a gap that looks very similar with the Isla de Benidorm. In front of my eyes I saw the giant brake of the big piece of the mountain and threw it into the sea. What a sight. That big piece of rock made the sea rise and a Tsunami rolled towards the seashore breaking on the beach. The foam swirlled every where.
A little smile on my face made my wife laugh. 'What are you thinking of?' she asked. I shook my head. 'Nothing my dear'. I answered. 'Nothing'. Hand in hand we walked back to our appartement and drank a little wine ... afterwards ... well ... it's up to you to fill in this gap. (smiles)

thrown into the sea
a pebble bounches a few times
I feel a giant

Puig Compana (do you see the gap?)

Well ... it was fun to write this haibun ... enjoy the read ...

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring is coming

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It's early in the morning of March 21, the start of Spring. I love this morning. Its every year a great day to me. Celebrating Spring ... the young green leaves start to bloom and all those blossoming trees. Birds chanting and lambs in the field. Spring ... the beginning of the light part of the year.
After the dark time of autumn and winter finally the light has come back. Today the sun is shining bright when I come out of my bed. "Yes", I think ... finally I can go out sitting in the sun. I have a nice garden with lovely trees and bushes and when it's a sunny day I go out. Love to feel the sun on my skin. "At last. Spring is there. I go out with the kids playing in the park and do some fishing in the pond. I smell the blooming flowers, narcissus, crocus, clover, the cherry and plum blossoms. Awesome! This is my time of the year.
Spring ... a season of new life, new beginnings and young animals and birds. It's also my season to write haiku. I have written a lot of Spring haiku mostly about the blossoming trees of Cherry and Plum. Today it's the first day of Spring a light breeze caresses my hair and my body. Mm feels great love that feeling.

spring breeze
caresses the fragile blossoms
of young cherry trees

Photo by Andre Anderson - Hazy Moon
At night I see the hazy moon. Mysterious hidden behind the clouds. She, the moon, is still a bit shy on this first night of Spring, but than ... she is no longer hiding ... the clouds fall apart and than ... her lovely face ... the full moon of March. What a sight! Neo Pagans calling her "death moon", Chinese calling her "Sleepy moon" and the ancient Celtic name of her is "Moon of Winds". Isn't it great all those names for her ... the moon ... our natural satellite?

moon of winds
showing her face through the clouds
what a mysterious sight

finally Spring
green leaves open carefully -
the Death Moon

"Death Moon" strange name for the moon of March. March the month of Spring, new life sprouting, cherry blossoms bloom and than she, our lovely moon, called "Death Moon". It's for sure a strange name and I am not sure what it means, but it makes some contrast with the new life, the new beginning, the starting of the light part of year. Maybe "Death" stands for ending the dark part of the year or ... I don't really know.

Spring brings joy and happiness. Spring ... that's my season.

cherry blossoms bloom
such a fragile beauty -
the Spring breeze

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, "Magnolia"

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This spring is almost over, but I have still sweet memories to this spring. At first the cherry blossoms blooming and than the wonderful candle like Magnolia flowers starting to bloom. I don't have a Magnolia tree in my garden, but in the streets around me there are several gardens in which Magnolia trees bloom.
It's a nice sight and than the scent of the flowers in full bloom ... awesome.
One of the Dutch most famous painters is Vincent van Gogh. He lived for a while in the French town of Arles and around that city were a lot of Almond trees, Magnolia like trees, which he made immortalized in his paintings. The flowers of the Almond are almost the same as the flowers of the Magnolia.

Almond blossoms bloom
around the city of Arles
Ah! what a sight

Almond blossom, Vincent van Gogh
Well ... 'till next time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter feeling, a haibun in 55 words

A wondrous place. Trees and streets covered with snow. The bright sunlight. Roofs like crystal.
Love is warming our bodies in front of the fireplace.Drinking red wine, eating marshmallows. This is paradise.
Our legs intwined. Lost in each others eyes. Together you and I.

making love
in front of the fireplace -
winter feeling


Buddha covered with snow

Enjoyed it?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Bare Feet, a haibun

Credits: bare feet in the snow

I love walking on bare feet. So I do that a lot. As I come home from work the first thing I do is pull off my shoes and socks. It feels good. The air around my feet that have been enclosed in shoes the whole day. Even outside I am walking on bare feet.
Today I realized that I was on bare feet when I walked outside in the snow to close the fence. It’s so common to me to walk on bare feet.
In Summer’s, when our dog was still alive, I walked him on bare feet. I love the contact with Mother Earth as I am walking on bare feet through the grass, the forest or where ever. It feels like I am a kid again. When I was a baby I laid in my pram with bare feet. In that time I was pure and didn’t know much of the world. I didn’t know about haibun and haiku or what form of poetry.
Now … years later I experience that same pureness and not knowing when I walk on bare feet. Love that. Once again I have to walk on bare feet through the snow to close the fence again. The mailman has not closed it. When I have closed the fence I open the Christmas cards. In one of them I see a wonderful Anton Pieck card, such a nostalgic card. A little boy, poorly dressed, walking on bare feet in the snow and throwing snowballs. He laughs and his face is healthy red by the cold and the joy of throwing snowballs.

on bare feet
a street urchin plays
in the snow

Dancing, a haibun

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In the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep ... to much thoughts tolling around in my head. Even the ones I love to have about haiku. I see every hour go by. At last I am going downstairs. have something to eat and drink and maybe ... that's making me sleepy.

As I look through the window I see that a new day is dawning. The sky colors in the most wonderful reddish and yellowish. With a smile on my face I see the first blossom of the cherry tree in my backyard. I walk outside. I am so in love with my cherry tree and when the first blossoms begin blooming I become very happy. My thousand thoughts have gone. I only have eyes for the young cherry blossoms.

And than ... birds begin to sing in a most wonderful symphony ... it's the ultimate experience and leaves me in awe. I forget everything around me and start dancing. I love this feeling of freedom and happiness. It's really a great and wonderful morning.

I wonder ... why has the Almighty given me this great present. I bow my head and than I see my naked body. A smile on my face ... "this is freedom!"

standing naked
in awe of the first cherry blossom
dancing in the garden 

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Hello dear visitors,

I welcome you on my new weblog. On this weblog I will publish essays about haiku, haiku masters and haiku rules, but also haibun. A haibun is a journal of a journey with haiku in it. Haibun are also short stories with a haiku in it.
I will introduce you to haibun and I will try to write some items over the so called KIGO or seasons words. In the classical haiku as performed by e.g. Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Buson (1716-1783), Issa (1763-1827) and Shiki (1867-1902) it was the rule to use a KIGO to place the haiku in the season.
Well as you will understand, my dear visitors, this new weblog is under construction. I will soon start publishing here.

Credits: Sakura

Well I hope you will enjoy this new weblog.