Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello dear visitors,

I welcome you on my new weblog. On this weblog I will publish essays about haiku, haiku masters and haiku rules, but also haibun. A haibun is a journal of a journey with haiku in it. Haibun are also short stories with a haiku in it.
I will introduce you to haibun and I will try to write some items over the so called KIGO or seasons words. In the classical haiku as performed by e.g. Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Buson (1716-1783), Issa (1763-1827) and Shiki (1867-1902) it was the rule to use a KIGO to place the haiku in the season.
Well as you will understand, my dear visitors, this new weblog is under construction. I will soon start publishing here.

Credits: Sakura

Well I hope you will enjoy this new weblog.

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