Friday, October 12, 2012

The Hot Summer of 1998, a haibun

Somewhere in the hot Summer of 1998 it was I  thought, but it easily could be in another hot Summer. I was on a holiday with my family in Benidorm (Spain).
My wife and I were walking along the beach late on an evening. It was still warm and we were very much in love. We walked hand in hand, sometimes stood still to kiss eachother. Somewhere along the beach there was a group of palmtrees with a nice little bench. We sat down and watch to the sea and Isla de Benidorm.
It was told that once a giant had broke a piece of the mountains in the backland of Benidorm and had thrown it into the sea. I wonder ...

Isle of Benidorm

In the backlands of Benidorm I saw a mountain with a gap that looks very similar with the Isla de Benidorm. In front of my eyes I saw the giant brake of the big piece of the mountain and threw it into the sea. What a sight. That big piece of rock made the sea rise and a Tsunami rolled towards the seashore breaking on the beach. The foam swirlled every where.
A little smile on my face made my wife laugh. 'What are you thinking of?' she asked. I shook my head. 'Nothing my dear'. I answered. 'Nothing'. Hand in hand we walked back to our appartement and drank a little wine ... afterwards ... well ... it's up to you to fill in this gap. (smiles)

thrown into the sea
a pebble bounches a few times
I feel a giant

Puig Compana (do you see the gap?)

Well ... it was fun to write this haibun ... enjoy the read ...

Also published and shared on: Bluebells Book's Thursday Short Story Slam week 29

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  1. lovely story at the Benidorm sea,

    your haiku is stunning.

  2. This is about 40 kilometres from where I live. It is said that Roldan the giant was rejected in love by his princess and kicked the top of the mountain in despair sending this piece of rock out to sea to make Benidorm Island:) The Puig Campaña is so named because from the distance it looks like a bell, it is part of the highest mountain range in Alicante province. Most summers are hot here in south east Spain... this year hotter than any I remember over the last 25 years.

  3. I enjoyed this piece very much. Thanks!